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LRtimelapse Review

Photo editing software

Lrtimelapse is a piece of software designed to help create time lapse photography and make an amazing time lapse video. It automates the process of blending image sequency between frames in order to create smooth transitions, while also providing an array of other useful features such as deflicker algorithms, keyframe animation, and more. The software […]

7 Time-lapse Ideas to Inspire You

Night sky timelapse tree silhouette

If you are looking for time lapse ideas to inspire you then look no further as we have you covered. Time-lapses enable us to take a few hours of footage and condense it into an amazing few minutes of animation. This can help you capture the beauty of nature or show off the progress of […]

Time-Lapse Intervalometer Buying Guide

Stopwatch chronograph

What is a Time-Lapse Intervalometer? On your journey to time-lapse video stardom, you will inevitably come across the need for a time-lapse intervalometer unit, otherwise known as a time-lapse controller. This small but essential piece of kit acts as the brain for your time-lapse platform as a whole, telling your camera how frequently it should […]

How to Shoot Time-Lapse with a Smartphone

Smart phone filming time lapse video

If you’d like to learn how to shoot time-lapse with a smartphone, this guide should serve as an introduction and answer any questions you have. Time-lapse photography has never been more accessible than it is right now. In fact, that’s true for any form of photography, because smartphone cameras have seamlessly transitioned from “impractical novelty” […]

What is Time-Lapse Photography?

Time lapse of passageway of people

So what is time-lapse photography and why should I care? Well, if you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet at all, chances are you’ve seen some pretty amazing nature videos. Particularly, you may have been drawn to videos of beautiful landscapes where time seems to be “fast-forwarded” like an old VHS tape, often […]

Night Sky Time-lapse Photography Guide

Night sky star trails

We’ve compiled this night sky time-lapse photography guide to help you learn how to create the most awe-inspiring time-lapse videos there are – the night sky. Few natural phenomena can instil the same sense of wonder and awe that the night sky can. For hundreds of years, our ancestors believed that when they looked up […]

Best Cameras for Time-Lapse In 2023

What are the best cameras for time-lapse? Whether you’re just beginning to explore the art of time lapse photography or you are a seasoned professional looking to make a commitment, you’re likely asking yourself the same question; What are the best time lapse photography cameras I can buy for the money? First of all, if […]

Getting Started with Hyperlapse Photography

Slow shutter speed fairground ride

So, what exactly is the difference between a time-lapse and a hyperlapse? Put as simply as possible, time-lapse photography usually involves a static shot, or one in which the camera body itself does not move. Now, this isn’t completely accurate, as many “traditional” time-lapse videos still involve some sort of movement, often in the form […]