Our time-lapse calculator will help you choose the right settings when shooting time-lapse so that your video runs at the right pace, capturing the right time-frame, with the ideal video length at the end. Not only is it a time-lapse interval calculator, it’s also a FPS calculator and more.

Similar to the exposure triangle with normal photography (you can also get an exposure triangle calculator), there is also a triangle to consider with time-lapse; Shutter interval, recording time and video length. Adjusting any two of these will effect the other.

Getting that right balance of these three factors can mean the difference between a video which feels compelling and interesting to watch versus one that drags on seemingly forever.

Rather than having to install a time-lapse calculator app, you can just bookmark this page and open it on your phone any time. This means that you free up storage space and still benefit from feature improvements as we develop the tool.

To use the time-lapse calculator, just select what you’d like to work out, then set the values that you know.

What do you want to work out?

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