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Unveiling the Future: Artificial Intelligence Photography

In the rapidly evolving world of digital imaging, artificial intelligence photography (AI) is reshaping the very essence of photography. From casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, the impact of AI on photography is profound, offering tools and techniques that were unimaginable just a decade ago. This post explores the creative vision of AI systems, AI powered […]

Will AI Replace Photographers? Exploring the Future of Photography

In this article, we will explore the convergence of artificial intelligence and photography, and decide can AI replace photographers! The relationship between artificial intelligence and the future of professional photography is a subject laced with excitement and a dash of apprehension. On one hand, there’s no denying the transformative power AI holds for optimizing image […]

The Ultimate Construction Time Lapse Camera Guide

Construction time-lapse engineers

Most people’s first thought when they see a cameras on construction sites is that they are for security, but there is another type that has a whole different set of uses: construction time-lapse cameras. Having a live outdoor time-lapse camera overlooking your job site is useful for all kinds of reasons. Why travel to the […]

Lightroom Time-Lapse Video Production

Lightroom Time-Lapse

This guide to Lightroom time-lapse video production was put together to teach you how to produce time-lapse videos from the images in the camera to a fully produced video using just Lightroom. We have also put together some advanced tips and tricks for the more seasoned time-lapse videographers out there. Editing a Time-lapse with Lightroom […]

Panolapse 360 Review


Introduction I recently got a chance to install and test Panolapse, some time-lapse software with some interesting and unique features. This Panolapse review aims to give a fair and balanced account of my experience using the software. Just like you’d expect from any time-lapse creation software, Panolapse (or Panolapse 360 as it is also known) […]

Time-Lapse Software: Applications You’ll Need For Creating Pro Videos

Time Lapse Software

It doesn’t matter how much photography equipment you have, you will really struggle to produce a professional level video unless you’re using the best time-lapse software. This article serves as an introduction to the most popular software available for producing stunning time-lapse videos. From processing the initial still images, reducing flicker, through to stitching the […]

Make Money From TimeLapse Photography

Make Money From Time Lapse

TimeLapse is a fun hobby which combines technical photography and videography with creativity. You can spend many hours of (sometimes quite difficult and frustrating) work setting up and capturing a timelapse recording, but it’s so satisfying when you see the final result. But can you turn this passion into an actual source of revenue or […]

How To Shoot a Lego Time-Lapse Video

How to shoot a LEGO time-lapse

Lego Time-lapse is a fun area of videography that combines two of my favourite things. Time-lapse photography and, of course, LEGO! Actually, before we begin I just want to clarify something. If you’re looking to create an animation using LEGO, moving the characters to tell a story or adventure, then you actually want to shoot […]