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Can I Make a Timelapse Video from Pictures?

The simple answer is yes. Time-lapse is typically created by taking still images and using them as frames for a video or film. This allows time to move forward more quickly depending on the interval between each photograph. You are very unlikely to be able to decide to produce a time-lapse after having taken photographs […]

How to produce smooth timelapse videos.

Smooth Waterfall

When shooting a time-lapse, sometimes the footage can come off jerky or jumpy – it is often referred to as the staccato effect. This is when the exposure times for each image in the time-lapse are too short to incorporate enough motion blur to allow the moving elements of the scene to smoothly transition frame […]

Best Compact Camera For Time-lapse

Compact Camera

You already know that you want a compact and not a full DSLR Camera to shoot time-lapse. But beyond that, you’re not sure which one is best. We’ve researched some options and present them below. When considering a compact camera for time-lapse, there are several things the perfect camera would have. The ideal camera would […]

How to turn a video into a time-lapse

Photo editing software

So you’ve just started learning about creating time-lapse videos from scratch using your camera or a camera app on your mobile phone. You may have produced a few time-lapse videos and invested in an intervalometer (or time-lapse controller) and tripod. That’s great, but you start thinking about existing videos you may have filmed of sunsets, road […]

7 Time-lapse Ideas to Inspire You

Night sky timelapse tree silhouette

If you are looking for time lapse ideas to inspire you then look no further as we have you covered. Time-lapses enable us to take a few hours of footage and condense it into an amazing few minutes of animation. This can help you capture the beauty of nature or show off the progress of […]

Top Five Dark Sky Locations in the UK

This guide is about the top 5 dark sky locations, UK. If you’re in the USA and looking to shoot some stars, try our list of astrophotography locations in the USA. This guide to the top dark sky discovery sites in the UK covers some fantastic location to visit and shoot night-sky time-lapse or photos. Reducing light pollution […]

Time-lapse Flicker Removal Guide

Flickering Light Bulb

So you’re here because you need help with time-lapse flicker removal. Flicker is the nemesis of the time-lapse photographer which can often ruin an otherwise silky-smooth time-lapse video, so let’s look at what it is, what causes it, and how you can prevent it or repair it is necessary. What is Time lapse Flicker? Flicker […]

RAW vs JPG – File Formats Explained

Raw Jpg File Format

If you’re not sure of the difference between raw vs jpg file formats, or you may be new to the raw file format. Read on to have your questions answered. Raw or JPEG? If you are serious about taking photographs, the choice between these file types is a topic you need to be aware of […]