About Pro Lapse

Pro-lapse is a free timelapse calculator that you can use in your browser or on your phone to make shooting timelapse videos easier, with better results.

I've played around with timelapse photography a few times in the past, but in order to end up with a video of the correct length, I had to do the calculations in my head first.

I thought there must be an easier way and being a web developer, I figured a web based timelapse photography calculator would be ideal. So I went ahead and built Pro-Lapse!

What is Pro Lapse? timelapse calculator

Pro Lapse is a collection of calculators for use when setting up timelapse photography. Anyone who's ever done timelapse photography will know that if you set up your camera wrong, the final video might be far too long or too short. Or the motion being captured might look jumpy. Pro Lapse helps you solve these problems.

Who is Pro Lapse for?

This tool is for anyone who does timelapse photography and wants to end up with a professional result

How do I use the Pro Lapse timelapse calculator?

The most commonly used feature is the 'Work out shutter interval' calculator. You'll often already know how long you want to record for and how long you want the final video to be, you just need to know what shutter interval you'll need to achieve your desired result

You know the name means something else too, right?

Yes. We know. ;)