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Hi, I’m Hayden. I’m a photographer and videographer with a passion for creating beautiful content and educating others.

I started Pro-Lapse with one mission. To educate and inspire others to create their own time lapse videos.
Whilst it’s easy to get started, a lot goes in to making professional level time lapse videos. The usual rules of composition, lighting and timing apply. In fact, these factors are amplified due to the number of photos being taken over a long time frame. Time lapse is such a deep subject, beginners can often be put off by all of the complexities. That’s why I started this site, to take people from the first question, What is time lapse photography? right up to the more advanced subject of night sky time lapse.

I hope you can learn and become inspired by this site. I encourage you to teach others about time lapse and hopefully motivate them to have a go themselves. the beginner’s guide is a great place to start

– Hayden

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