7 Time-lapse Ideas to Inspire You

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The key element to a stunning time-lapse is the presentation of movement that would otherwise go unnoticed or underappreciated, but with the increase in perceived time, can be observed in splendid detail and at a pace which allows the movement … Continued

Top Five Dark Sky Locations in the UK

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If you’re looking to shoot stars in the states, try our list of astrophotography locations in the USA. This guide to the top dark sky locations in the UK covers some fantastic location to visit ans shoot night-sky time-lapse or … Continued

Time-lapse Flicker Removal Guide

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So you’re here because you need help with time-lapse flicker removal. Flicker is the nemesis of the time-lapse photographer, so let’s look at what it is, what causes it, and how you can prevent it or repair it is necessary. … Continued

Time-Lapse Intervalometer Buying Guide

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What is a Time-Lapse Intervalometer? On your journey to time-lapse video stardom, you will inevitably come across the need for a time-lapse intervalometer unit, otherwise known as a time-lapse controller. This small but essential piece of kit acts as the … Continued

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