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Top 5 Most Impressive Time-Lapse Videos

Top Time Lapse Video

Skip to Section1 5. Bean Time-Lapse – 25 days | Soil cross-section2 4. Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 18 years – Age Time-Lapse3 3. A Journey To The End of Time – Time-Lapse of The Future4 2. 30 Days Timelapse at Sea Though Thunderstorms – Torrential Rain & Busy Traffic5 1. “The 3 Year Construction […]

What Is Magic Lantern, And Will It Run On My Camera?

Magic Lantern on a Canon Camera

Skip to Section1 What is Magic Lantern?2 Does It Overwrite My Camera’s Internal Software?3 Is Feature ‘x’ Available On My Camera?4 Will Using Magic Lantern Void My Camera’s Warranty?5 What Camera Models Will The Software Run On?6 Will Magic Lantern Run On a Nikon Camera?7 Is There Any Support Available For The Software?8 How Do […]

Time-Lapse Proof Of Extreme Ice Loss


A little different from our usual content. This video is a Ted talk by James Balog, who is a nature photographer with over 40 years of experience. In the video, James presents time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss in the polar ice caps. The video was shot by what is called the ‘Extreme Ice Survey’, […]

Editing Timelapse On iPhone

Smart phone filming time lapse video

Skip to Section1 Options For Capturing and Editing Your time-lapse:1.0.1 First Option, shoot in Built-In time-lapse mode1.0.2 Second Option, A time-lapse-specific App1.0.3 Hyperlapse From Instagram1.0.4 Lapse-It2 More Advanced Options2.0.1 iMotion2.0.2 Timelapse for iOS3 Additional Editing3.0.1 iMovie for iOS4 Can I Slow Down Time-Lapse on an iPhone?5 Can I Change The Time-Lapse Speed On iPhone? There […]

Can I Make a Timelapse Video from Pictures?

The simple answer is yes. Time-lapse is typically created by taking still images and using them as frames for a video or film. This allows time to move forward more quickly depending on the interval between each photograph. You are very unlikely to be able to decide to produce a time-lapse after having taken photographs […]

How to produce smooth timelapse videos.

Smooth Waterfall

When shooting a time-lapse, sometimes the footage can come off jerky or jumpy – it is often referred to as the staccato effect. This is when the exposure times for each image in the time-lapse are too short to incorporate enough motion blur to allow the moving elements of the scene to smoothly transition frame […]

Best Compact Camera For Time-lapse

Compact Camera

You already know that you want a compact and not a full DSLR Camera to shoot time-lapse. But beyond that, you’re not sure which one is best. We’ve researched some options and present them below. When considering a compact camera for time-lapse, there are several things the perfect camera would have. The ideal camera would […]

Can I turn a video into a time-lapse?

Photo editing software

Skip to Section1 Can I turn a video into a timelapse?2 Converting existing videos3 Video Production Software for desktop computers4 Professional Video Editing Software5 Using an iPhone6 Using an Android device7 Beginners and beyond8 VLC; Nifty and free9 Making time-lapse easier So you’ve just started learning about creating time-lapse videos from scratch using your camera […]

Timelapse Photography as a Hobby for Those with Autism

Photographer with camera

Skip to Section1 Legos with time-lapse2 Making with time-lapse3 Puzzle-solving with time-lapse4 Raising and caring for animals with time-lapse5 Botany or growing indoor plants and time-lapse6 Hiking or camping as an opportunity for time-lapse7 Drawing and painting revealed with time-lapse8 Sculpture and time-lapse9 Photography and time-lapse10 Beginning your time-lapse journey Although individuals with autism often […]