Video by Daniel Csobot

Daniel Csobot Natural Recall interview

What do you do every day to express your elective affinity with nature, with the plants on your balcony, with the flowers that grow in your terrace or the trees in your garden?

I observe the vegetation and the nature everywhere where I am. I cultivate vegetables in my garden, go offen out to walk in the nature and go rambling.
The plants in my „Macro Timelapse“-Video I have found in my courtyard and on my cycleway from my home to my office.

What is the plant that you like the most? Why you feel so attached to it?

In the last 2 years I was fascinated by the plant „Spiraea“. I like their strikingly beautiful white blossoms in the autumn. It looks like snow on their brunches.

You’re leaving to a desert island and you can only take with you two things … and a plant. What would you put in your suitcase?

I would take my camera with my macro lens with me 🙂 and my audio recorder with the stereo microphones.